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Welcome to Ben McNally Books

Dear Friends;

Thanks to all of you for another wildly successful brunch season.
We'll return Sept. 18. Please note that we'll have to increase the price
of a brunch ticket to $55 starting September.

Please stop in soon if you find you need some help finding something to read; we have lots of good ideas.

Monday-Friday 9-6; Saturday (except long weekends) 11-5;
Closed Sunday.

The Bay Street bus (no longer!!!) stops near our door.


Special Event

Linwood Barclay

Peter James in conversation with Linwood Barclay

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 6:30pm

Ben McNally Books

Hosted by: Ben McNally Books

Please join us for an evening of mystery, as Roy Grace creator Peter James will be in conversation with Linwood Barclay to discuss the latest in the Roy Grace series, Love You Dead.



The Vanishing Velazquez

The Vanishing Velazquez

by Laura Cumming


In October of 1845 a bookseller in Reading, named John Snare, bought a painting at auction.
The painting was grimy and dry, and Snare bought it a price so low that he began to doubt his original notion that it was a portrait of a young Charles I, and of significant value.
Snare cleaned it up, and then set out to discover what he could of its provenance, and eventually became convinced that it was a royal portrait, and that it had been painted in Spain by Diego Velazquez. Proving it was harder to do.