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Mighty Judgment: How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life by Philip Slayton

Allen Lane
<em>Mighty Judgment: How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life</em> by Philip Slayton

Mighty Judgment follows the provocative and best-selling Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex and Madness in Canada’s Legal Profession.

Mighty Judgment argues that the Supreme Court of Canada is a political institution, and that judges are politicians. Decisions are influenced by judges’ backgrounds, personalities and characters; but judges cannot be voted out of office. Slayton discusses reforms that are needed, particularly in the way judges are chosen, once we recognize that the court decides policy and in many ways governs Canada.

The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary by Andrew Westoll

HarperCollins Canada
<em>The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary</em> by Andrew Westoll

In 1997 Gloria Grow started a sanctuary for chimps retired from biomedical research on her farm outside Montreal. For the indomitable Gloria, caring for thirteen great apes is like presiding over a maximum security prison, a Zen sanctuary, and an old folks’ home all rolled into one. But she is first and foremost creating a refuge for her troubled charges -- a place where they can recover and begin to trust humans again.

Brimming with empathy and winning stories of Gloria and her charges, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is an absorbing, big-hearted book that grapples with questions of just what we owe to the animals who are our nearest genetic relations.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Bond Street
<em>The Paris Wife</em> by Paula McLain

Set during a remarkable time, the same period as Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast and The Sun Also Rises, Paula McLain's The Paris Wife brilliantly captures the voice and heart of Hadley Hemingway as she struggles with her roles as a woman—wife, lover, muse, friend, and mother—and tries to find her place in the intoxicating and tumultuous world of Paris in the twenties.

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer

The Penguin Press
<em>Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything</em> by Joshua Foer

Foer's unlikely journey from chronically forgetful science journalist to U.S. Memory Champion frames a revelatory exploration of the vast, hidden impact of memory on every aspect of our lives.

At a time when electronic devices have all but rendered our individual memories obsolete, Foer's bid to resurrect the forgotten art of remembering becomes an urgent quest. Moonwalking with Einstein brings Joshua Foer to the apex of the U.S. Memory Championship and readers to a profound appreciation of a gift we all possess but that too often slips our minds.